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Dec 25, 2014 7:30:00 PM


With 2014 quickly wrapping up, and 2015 just around the corner, now's a good time to get up-to-speed on next year's predicted fashion trends. After all, you don't need a crystal ball to figure out what's going to be "in" in the coming year; 2014's end-of-year fashion shows told us everything we needed to know about next year's hottest men's and women's fashion trends. Use this information to update your wardrobe and start your new year with confidence and style.

2015 Trends in Men's Fashion

2015 is sure to be an exciting year in the world of men's fashion. For starters, those Bermuda shorts that were so popular a few years back are expected to make another comeback, so if you've tossed your old Bermudas, now may be a good time to pick some up for spring. Of course, they can also be worn on those early days of autumn, as they pair great with a stylish sweater.

Furthermore, it's anticipated that baseball caps will continue to be a popular fashion accessory for men in 2015. Whether it's a cap sporting your favorite athletic team, or a simple pattern, feel free to cover up those bad hair days with your trusty baseball cap. Wear it forwards on sunny days, or backwards for a relaxed look; this fashion staple isn't going anywhere anytime soon, according to Harpers Bazaar.

2015 Trends in Women's Fashion

What about the ladies? What can they expect in terms of 2015 fashion trends? To begin, come to terms with the fact that brown is the new black. That's right; women are going to be seeing a lot more brown on the racks in the coming year. From jackets and shirts, to boots and accessories, brown will provide a more modern and fresh look when compared to traditional black.

Furthermore, it's expected that denim jeans will continue their reign of popularity across the globe...but there are some big changes coming in the world of jeans. Denim jean trends of 2015 will include high-waisted fits that accentuate the booty and help women achieve the appearance of a smaller waistline.To achieve this look, try to look for jeans that meet the following criteria:

  • a loose fit around the calves and knees
  • a fit that's tight in the waist, hips, and behind

Finally, a new women's fashion trend is expected to take the world by storm: patches. Iron-on and sew-on patches will allow women to show off their unique, one-of-a-kind style and express themselves. Furthermore, you can use patches to revamp an old piece of clothing!

And there you have it: a few of what are sure to be the biggest trends in men's and women's fashion in 2015. Why not get a head start and add some of these styles to your wardrobe right now? Shop Perlis now for plenty of style choices that will complere any wardrobe.

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