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Feb 27, 2015 10:43:03 AM


We often hear the terms "style" and "fashion" used interchangeably, but what many people don't realize is that these terms are almost polar opposites when it comes to their meanings and connotations. In a broad sense, style refers to a person's individual tastes, whereas fashion tends to refer more broadly to what's "popular" in today's magazines, among celebrities, and on the runways.

Style Reflects Your Inner Self

Unlike fashion, style requires you to truly know yourself both inside and out. To have a strong fashion sense, you don't need to do anything but catch up on the latest issue of a popular fashion magazine and shop for what's trendy at your local mall.

To develop a true sense of style, however, you must know yourself; this includes your body type and which colors look the most flattering on you.

Style Makes a Statement

Because style is more of a reflection of your own unique personality, it's also inherently more risky to have a strong sense of style than to have a sense of fashion. When you dress according to your own style rather than according to what's popular in the magazines, you're probably going to stand out in comparison to most people. You'll be making a statement by going against the trends and wearing what makes you feel great.

Style is Less Common

Unfortunately, it's a lot less common these days to find people with style-sense as opposed to fashion-sense. That's why you'll increasingly see women wearing dresses that aren't flattering, simply because they saw a celebrity wear them in a magazine. To find somebody with a true sense of style is rare because it requires really understanding oneself.

Fashion Changes More Frequently

Furthermore, fashion is always changing; this is evident in the weekly publications of fashion magazines and the daily fashion blogs we see posted. It's hard to keep up with fashion, which is probably part of why it's a multi-billion dollar industry.

Style, on the other hand, can change as a person's body or sense of self changes. However, it tends to change much less frequently.

Fashion is About Uniformity

Finally, fashion promotes sameness and uniformity among people; if something is in fashion, it's trendy and everybody will be wearing it. And as a result, all those people look the same. On the other hand, those with their own style sense stand out because they don't feel the need to wear what everybody else is wearing. They know what they like and what they look their best in, and they're not going to let any fashion trends tell them how to dress.

There are so many differences between style and fashion, even though many people don't see these nuances. By being aware of the differences, you can better work towards achieving your own unique sense of style and reflect your inner beauty and personality in what you wear.

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